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Property Features

  • The Halifax Club Suites are a proposed multi-residential development built atop three downtown properties including the historic Halifax Club, that is ready to rise into the cities vast skyline.
  • Halifax Club Suites is poised to combine the buildings of the past with the buildings of today, to create a one of a kind living experience unique to the Halifax Peninsula.
  • Remaining development land available on the peninsula is gradually diminishing with fewer and fewer sites remaining.
  • This site offers and excellent opportunity with long-term value.
  • The site lends itself to many possible configurations, however, the most likely option is a partial conversion of 1682 Hollis Street to allow lobby entrance from Granville, with residential units above the existing buildings.
  • The proposed development footprint could include 144 units at $120,000/unit equating to $17,280,000.
  • The Downtown Halifax Zone is a mixed-use zone, permitting a broad range of uses; residential, office, retail, commercial, personal service, restaurant, and institutional.


Nestled between the bustling thoroughfares of Barrington and Hollis Street, you’ll find the Halifax Club, a historic social club and soon to be home of Halifax’s newest development. Located in a sought-after downtown area of the Halifax Peninsula. The surrounding area is residential and commercial in nature. The property fronts onto Granville and Hollis Street, one of the downtown cores main entryways.

The property is surrounded by amenities, bus routes, and a vibrant nightlife, which attracts residents to work, shop, and live in the area. The city of Halifax is home to some of the most amazing areas in Atlantic Canada, but none more amazing than what many consider to be the heart of this city; Downtown Halifax. The area is currently going through one of its largest growth periods, and according Statistics Canada, downtown Halifax is currently the fastest growing downtown in the country, with a 26% population increase from 2016-2021. Known for its vibrancy day and night, the downtown core is home to more than 400 retailers, pubs, restaurants, and service providers. Making it a sought-after area to work and call home.

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