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Glubes Lofts

Property Features

  • The Glubes Lofts stand as a beacon of modern urban living. Comprising of 11 residential suites and a ground-floor commercial suite, offering a dynamic lifestyle experience.
  • Great opportunity for investors looking to grow their portfolio with an amazing mixed-use property or for those just starting.
  • Full occupied property with stabilized income and a strong ROI.
  • Significant opportunity for annual rent escalations.
  • Perfectly suited for students or young professionals.
  • Property can be identified as PID # 41460817
  • Currently zoned as CEN-2 (Centre Plan)


Situated on Gottingen Street, near downtown Halifax, this investment property boasts an advantageous location in the bustling and vibrant North End neighbourhood. Positioned within one of Halifax’s most coveted areas, this property presents a remarkable opportunity for multifamily investment. The North End community, nestled within Halifax, is undergoing significant growth, fueled by a surge of diverse businesses, residents, and tourists. It has emerged as a hub for entrepreneurs, professionals, and innovators seeking both opportunities and a high standard of living. This expansion has heightened demand for amenities and infrastructure, making it an attractive investment destination to contribute to the area’s ongoing development.

This property stands out due to its placement within a vibrant cultural center. Within this locale, a diverse selection of restaurants awaits, spanning from cozy local pubs and breweries to upscale dining experiences. Whether craving a casual coffee or seeking a refined culinary adventure, the community offers options to suit every palate. Additionally, the area boasts boutique shops, recreational facilities, music venues, and performance spaces, enhancing its cultural richness. Recent revitalization efforts have brought significant improvements to infrastructure, public spaces, and retail and service establishments, further enhancing the appeal of this area for both residents and visitors alike.

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