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Proud Supporters of the 2015/2016 CIS Men’s University Cup

March 12th-15th at Scotiabank Centre

Sports & Entertainment Atlantic has partnered with St. FX and Saint Mary’s on a joint bid to host the 2015/2016 CIS University Hockey Championships here in Halifax and have been successful! St. FX will host this year’s Championship, and Saint Mary’s will host the 2016 Championship!


Cushman & Wakefield Atlantic was a bid supporter, pre-purchasing packages which were needed to win!

We had many attributes that gave us the confidence to embark on the bid process including:

  1. Two (2) successful CIS hockey programs working together as a team, a first in CIS history;
  2. Two (2) large and engaged alumni bases in Nova Scotia and across the country;
  3. Halifax’s long history of hosting successful CIS championships and a student-athlete experience that cannot be matched.
  4. A requirement to pre-sell 3,000 tickets in the community PER YEAR!

The tournament is happening March 12-15th at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.