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Cushman & Wakefield Atlantic Supports Brain War!

Proudly Supporting The Discovery Centre!

Cushman & Wakefield Atlantic is pleased to be sponsoring this year’s Brain War Event. The Annual Brain War is a legacy fundraising event for The Discovery Centre, that challenges the mind with a series of 30 stations each testing a different component or a combination of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) components addressing the following:

  • Content categories for trivia, multiple types or styles of “brain use”
  • Sensation (awareness), memory, processing, creativity, output (communication)
  • Quiz / science knowledge
  • Reasoning/problem solving/logic/lateral thinking – i.e. engineering challenge, building a device with a set of provided materials
  • Complete the pattern, what comes next in a series?
  •  What do these things have in common?
  •  Which is the most different and why?
  • Information processing – i.e. “reading for detail” filter and synthesize information to separate relevant from irrelevant data
  • Spatial manipulation – i.e. Rubik’s cube, tangram, etc.
  • Language and information systems – code breaking
  • Memory
  • Sensation / cognition – change blindness, “inattentional blindness”

Teams of four will spend the day rotating from challenge to challenge in rapid succession, aiming to outperform the competition, and there will be competition!