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Proud Sponsors of The Kent Great Big Dig

Cushman & Wakefield Atlantic is a proud sponsor of The Kent Great Big Dig – This SOLD OUT event is the region’s most anticipated and exciting fundraising evening for the IWK Health Centre. The Kent Great Big Dig is an event that has raised over 3.6 million dollars in the past 17 years! This year’s event promises to carry on the tradition of success and generosity by raising over $250,000 during an unforgettable evening of food, entertainment, spectacular auction items and prizes. This year the funds from The Kent Great Big Dig will go towards purchasing a piece of much needed equipment for the IWK Health Centre.

The Purpose

Funds raised this year will help purchase 95 Smart Beds for the IWK. The beds currently at the IWK are more than 14 years old. With wear and tear from daily use, the old beds have become obsolete and some replacement parts are no longer available. The new Smart Beds are equipped with Intuitive Advanced Technology that enhances patient and nursing safety. Smart Beds can send alarms and messages wirelessly to the existing IWK monitoring systems and to nurses’ mobile devices. They also have mattresses equipped with Gel Technology to evenly distribute patient weight to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Smart Beds can be wirelessly tracked across the entire Health Centre to locate the beds that are open for admissions. This will improve bed utilization, minimize transfer times, increase efficiency and improve the quality of life for patients. At a cost of $15,000 each, the total funds required is $1.425 million.