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James Boudreau Attends Canadian Apartment Investment Conference

2016: Your Cross Canada Perspective on Multi-Unit Residential Opportunities, Risks and Strategies

Our Investment Sales & Leasing specialist, James Boudreau, CPA,CA attended the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference in Toronto, ON this week. The Canadian Apartment Investment Conference brings together owners, managers, developers, investors and lenders to provide valuable insights into the multi-unit residential market: how to increase net asset values, and how this sector is performing. Last year’s sold-out conference attracted over 650 attendees.

For 2016, this highly focused, one-day conference examined major trends, issues, opportunities, and strategies in Canada’s multi-unit residential market.

Uniquely tailored, the 2016 Canadian Apartment Investment Conference program was designed to offer the greatest possible value and flexibility to owners, managers, developers, investors and lenders. The program has provided valuable insights in major theme areas by key industry leaders including:

  • Capital Markets and Investment Activity
  • Impact of New Developments & Intensification of Existing Sites
  • The Condominium Market Impact
  • Income, Operations and NAV Improvement Strategies
  • New and Innovative Solutions in the Tech Space

Due to the continued interest in the multi-unit residential sector from private buyers, pension funds, international investors, institutions, and publicly traded real estate entities, this event was once again, sold out.

The Canadian Apartment Investment Conference is organized by the producers of The Real Estate Forums, in conjunction with a steering committee of apartment owners, lenders, brokers, and valuators. In keeping with the strong reputation of the Forums, the conference presents high quality speakers on very topical issues.