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Jianwei Jia

Jianwei Jia

Commercial Real Estate Advisor *License Pending

About Jianwei

With a fresh lens on the real estate sector, Jianwei Jia offers his abundant energy and knowledge base to our clients in the Greater Moncton area.

Jianwei is a proud Chinese-Canadian, and a graduate of Cape Breton University with a Master of Business Administration in Marketing. Prior to joining Cushman & Wakefield Atlantic, Jianwei’s wide-reaching skillset led him to a variety of roles with an adventurous edge; tour guide, cook, landscaper, salesman, and coal mine ventilation technician are just some of the monikers Jianwei has assumed.

Throughout his wide-reaching professional career, Jianwei has kept his fingers on the pulse of the business community. His passion shines through in his deep-rooted client relationships and commitment to forming long-standing connections with owners, operators, and tenants. Jianwei is a trusted advisor who thrives off lifelong learning, sharing stories, discussing trends, and calibrating the decision-making process using relevant data and informed judgment.

Jianwei stays very active in his community. He is a volunteer tutor with the Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area (MAGMA), as well as a member and coach with the Moncton Table Tennis Club. A lifelong sports enthusiast, he also plays with Moncton’s Adult Basketball League. On and off the court, Jianwei thrives on focus, determination, and team unity.

Additional Info

Community Leadership

  • Volunteer/Tutor, MAGMA (Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area)
  • Member/Coach, Moncton Table Tennis Club
  • Member, Moncton’s Adult Basketball League


Master of Business Administration (MBA), Marketing – Cape Breton University