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Property Features

  • 3 parcels of land identifies as PID 01512466, 0150507, and 75352005 or 2650, 2680, and 2740 Woodstock Road.
  • The property offer 400 acres of development land, a rare opportunity for the area.
  • Predominately cleared land that was previously used as the Silverwood ski area.
  • +/- 150 to 200 acres is within the Fredericton city limits
  • Zoned as R-2 - Residential
  • Recent housing study has concluded the need for housing within the area.


•Connected to Fredericton’s Active Transportation Corridor, leading to the downtown. Ideal for running, biking or walking commutes.
•This property is located on the south bank of the St. John River in the Springhill, Hartt’sIsland and Silverwood area.
•Located adjacent to Fredericton’s downtown core about a 10-minute drive away. The area is fully serviced by public transit making this ideal for a residential housing area.
•Situated on Woodstock Road offering easy access to the downtown core, Highway 7 and the Trans Canada Highway.
•The City of Fredericton has a population of 58,220 which is expected to grow until 2041 by another 60.70% to 93,559 according to the City of Fredericton Planning Department.
•Full municipal services available to the site. The property straddles the City of Fredericton and the district of Hanwell.

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